How to Post Google Docs to a WordPress Blog Using Wordable

WordPress web page on the screen notebook and smartphone closeup

When I have to put together a blog post or article, I prefer to do it in Google Docs. That way, my work is accessible outside of WordPress or any other CMS.  Getting that blog post into WordPress or another CMS isn’t always easy. Gutenberg editor has made it easier, but there are better ways.  […]

Best Calendar Scheduling App: Savvy Cal

Screenshot of Savvy Cal Website on Blue Background

Keeping an organized calendar is increasingly challenging. However, if you manage to keep a clean calendar, scheduling new meetings is even harder.  If you schedule those meetings yourself, you are likely playing calendar tag or struggling to find a time that works for you and the others attending the meeting. COVID changed the landscape around […]

Tidio Chat vs Drift Chat


Live chat is now a commodity with dozens of options. I was asked which are the best options on the market, narrowing down to Tidio and Drift. Outside of those two options, the top chat plugins include: Olark  LiveChat Tawk.To Drift Zendesk Chat Intercom Tidio  Each of them offers integrations with WordPress and other popular […]

How to Build a Profitable Niche Website with SEO?

Blogger Writing on Laptop

Have you thought about starting a blog around a hobby or interest you have, but you’re unsure if it’s a common interest? That’s how you know you may be onto a niche site idea. If you have a hobby and others enjoy it too, there is likely a large enough pool of people online who […]

Best Way for Freelancers & Agencies to Manage WordPress Websites

WPMU Dev Hub 2.0

If you are a freelancer or agency, you may have a lot of WordPress sites to manage. Each month, it can take dozens of hours to keep the WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date. Then you have to consider security, backups, and page speed optimization. The tools on the market to do this […]

Google Universal Analytics is Being Shut Down in Favor of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Laptop with Coffee Reviewing Google Analytics

Google is making more changes to its marketing tools.  First, Google rolled out changes to their Google Partner program. Then, Google announced they were ending support for expanded text ads on Google Ads in favor of responsive search ads.  Now Google is going to replace Universal Analytics (UA) with GA4. Starting July 1st, 2023, UA […]

Lifestyle Creep – Fix Budgets Fast

Lifestyle creep happens. It happens rather quickly. I’ve started to experience the creep. I put the creep off for a long time, not buying a new car or moving when I got a raise or made more money through a business. But in late 2021, I made a lifestyle shift unconsciously, buying a new home […]

Tools & Software Needed to Run a Remote Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency on Zoom Call with Plant in Fore Ground

Are you building an agency or starting your agency out? I’ve put together a list of tools, software, and thoughts on effectively running a remote marketing agency. But what are my qualifications? I’ve worked in agencies and helped build them from zero in revenue to tens of thousands of recurring revenue each month—the most powerful […]

Responsive Search Ads Switch on Google Ads & Template for Writing Them

Google is sunsetting Expanded Text Ads on Google Search this summer. If you don’t run or manage Search Ads on Google, you won’t notice a difference when you Search. Now, if you manage Google Ads – you will notice a difference. Writing Ads hasn’t changed much since Google Ads (back then Google AdWords) launched in […]

Easily Collect Customer Testimonials and Embed Them on Your Site

Social proof is a crucial part of a business or sales landing page. Potential customers look for reviews from other customers who have used the service or product—looking for positive feedback and experiences. Not only do customers look for social proof, its been proven that customer testimonials increase conversion rates on landing pages. The old-school […]