Leon Hitchens

I am a digital creator, business owner and internet marketer based in Texas.

I use the internet to create and share my work with the people, to sell my products and services, and to market my businesses. I am passionate about using the internet to build connections and make an impact.


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My Right Hand Using a Mouse with a Keyboard on the Left
Personal Post

My Search for a Better Mouse That Works for My Hand

As someone who navigates the digital world differently due to a congenital disability from amniotic band syndrome, finding the proper input devices on my computer is more than just a matter of convenience—it’s essential for my productivity and comfort. When I was born, I required surgery for what is called amniotic band syndrome. Amniotic band…

Various Lego Minis Collection
Personal Post

My Lego Collect as of Feb 2024

As a lifelong enthusiast of Lego, I’ve been excited to witness the evolution of its strategy, transitioning the perception of its products from “kids’ toys” to becoming more akin to complex puzzles. It makes the hobby of collecting Legos more fun since there are now TV Shows and broader acceptance. I had a large collection…

Smart Home 2023 Apple Homekit White Design
Personal Post

My Move to HomeKit from Other Smart Home Platforms

I have tried many smart home platforms since buying my first smart home tech in 2014. I’ve gone through: Most recently, leaving the Google Home App. Why I started thinking about switching The problem I always find is these smart home devices all require their own apps, talk through the internet, and are often slow….