Biggest Hurdles for Paid Search

Biggest hurdles in paid search is knowing all the parts that go into making it work.

I work in digital advertising for a web development and marketing agency in San Antonio. We mainly work with small businesses starting their journey in digital advertising which means they’re starting from scratch and many times little to no budget.

This means I often have little to no direction with data as many have sites that are weeks or even days old. This is a hurdle which I often counter with industry research. I use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, SpyFu, and from previous accounts my agency has worked on.

smartphone showing Google site
Photo by Edho Pratama / Unsplash

The biggest hurdles with paid search is knowing beyond Bing and Google Ads. It’s knowing the SEO, social media, and the other parts that go into advertising and marketing. These are all parts that I try to understand to give a full recommendation to customers when we are in the early stages of data collection.

  • Landing page UX – while I am not a designer I try to understand what Google wants and what is best practice.
  • SEO – Knowing what is happening on the organic part of Google and Bing is key to helping anyone grow their site in both areas
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager – Being able to track events and understand data allows me to communicate to everyone how campaigns are going.
  • Basic Code – I am not a developer but I stay up to date on what is possible and what is easy enough for me to accomplish. This allows me to not get slowed down by turning to a developer at every corner

I’m not saying you have to have all these skills and master them. Simply have an understanding of these skills and be able to communicate with others when you have a problem.

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