My New Obsession – Fortnite

I’ve always been into video games, but now I have been highly obsessed with Fortnite. I played the battle-royale game back when PUBG was coming into the spotlight in early 2018. Back then, the game had a different feel, and I played once or twice and didn’t touch it again until Jan of this year.

First, I started playing solo’s on my Switch, but then I started playing online duos with my buddy. Now, I am playing squads with a few online friends a few times a week. I enjoy playing the game with people most of all, having someone to talk to once or twice a day while enjoying a video game is helping keep me sane but also an outlet from working-from-home and staying in on the weekends. Considering I have played games with friends online for a while, this is the most I’ve played in years. On the Xbox, I have over 90 hours logged on the game. On the Switch, I’ve logged over 30 hours of game time.

A friend that I am playing with is also streaming on Twitch. You can watch Hkntsh on Twitch, and in-tune watch me play with him. I often host his channel on my Twitch channel.  

I’ve upgraded to a new Controller: Wolverine Ultimate Controller

Playing the game almost every day made me realize how much other players practice and have a special controller or gear to help them play. Anyone who’s playing with a controller, whether it is Xbox, Playstation, or PC, often uses a pro controller like the Microsoft Elite Controller or the Razor Wolverine Ultimate Controller.

I chose the Razor Wolverine because it only came with the option to plug it in, meaning less lag and no batteries. The other significant reason for the purchase was because it was in stock on Amazon. The Elite Controller has been out of stock for months and doesn’t look like it’ll be back anytime soon.

My TL;DR Review

The Wolverine is a pricey controller – $160 full retail. I bought the controller on Amazon, and it was $150 with taxes and discounts. You can often find the controller on sale for $129 or even a little lower.

While it has a premium price, it’s worth the upgrade. The controller has a premium feel, and the four extra triggers under the controller allow for quick access while playing any game. Along with the two extra buttons next to the right and left bumper, I always have access to button combinations I wouldn’t have been able to press with a regular controller. The adjustability through the software on the Xbox or PC allows me to update the sensitivity of the joysticks or remap the buttons.

The adjustment from having a traditional controller to having one of these pro controllers is massive. I have to actively think about where my buttons are and what I am pressing, sometimes glancing down at the controller to remember what buttons are mapped where. I’ve also felt my hands get sore after an hour or two of gameplay because I am moving my hand more and having to press more buttons in different directions than before.

In the end, I would highly recommend the Razor controller if you want to have an advantage when playing any competitive online game like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

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