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Marketers Chat is for the indie marketer. No BS here!

Hi 👋 My name is Leon Hitchens. I am a digital marketer with experience with search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, content marketing, and WordPress.

During my day job ☀️ – I work with small business and startups to form a marketing strategy to grow their businesses. On the side, I co-founded IronMic – a startup developing automated websites for podcasts. I lead up the marketing effort for the service from customer out reach to demand generation.

I am always connecting with indie marketers who want to not only network but talk shop with like minded folks. They always mention how they hate the growth hacker or the slimy used car sale-man types. The type of marketers who follow 200,000 people on Twitter are people we are trying to avoid.

This is why I created the Indie Marketers Chat! Do you want to join? See the requirements below ⬇️.

Who can join:

  1. Any marketer who is freelancing or working with a startup or small business.
  2. Any marketer who is not following 200,000 people on Twitter.
  3. Any marketer who wants to share ideas and learn from a group of like minded folks!
  4. Any marketer who needs help. We all have experience and can help you with a problem in realtime

Visit Marketers.Chat to get an invite instantly!

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