2022 Annual Review

2023 on Black Gradient Background

The coming of a new year is always a time for reflection. At the same time, I wouldn’t say I like making new years resolutions directly, and I like doing reviews, planning, and strategy session for myself and my work. I have done annual reflections or reviews each year. This year I took a template […]

2023 Desk Setup

I’ve been building and making a desk setup that I can use while gaming, streaming, or working. Over 2022 I have been compiling my setup. I have a few more upgrades, including a new mic (Shure MV7), another monitor, and another mechanical keyboard (QK75). I consider this my “what’s in my bag,” similar to what […]

Niche Website Progress Update

Brisket Chopped on a Wooden Cutting Board

In June 2022, I started a new niche website. The website, Brisket Pro, is focused on smoking brisket, recipes, and common mistakes. The idea of the site came around when I bought a Traeger. I’ve hired a designer who created the overall brand. Then I hired a writer to write the content. So far, here […]

Is Twitter Going to Fail? Here is my Take!

Twitter App with News Feed Blurred Out

Twitter is dying. Elon is trying to kill Twitter. I bet you’ve heard a million versions of this. Everyone is talking about Twitter on Twitter. Elon officially bought Twitter on October 28th, and since then, the company and the platform have created a ton of chaos. Elon laid off thousands of employees, launched a new […]

The Browser Company Rethinking the Internet – Arc Browser First Thoughts

The internet browser hasn’t changed much since Netscape and Internet Explorer. Each browser has tabs, favorites, extensions, back/forward buttons, and an address bar. Almost all browsers are built on Chromium.  Now The Browser Company is re-thinking what a web browser should look like.  Their new browser, simply called “Arc,” is still a Chromium-based browser, but […]

Tidio Chat vs Drift Chat


Live chat is now a commodity with dozens of options. I was asked which are the best options on the market, narrowing down to Tidio