The Browser Company Rethinking the Internet – Arc Browser First Thoughts

The internet browser hasn’t changed much since Netscape and Internet Explorer. Each browser has tabs, favorites, extensions, back/forward buttons, and an address bar. Almost all browsers are built on Chromium.  Now The Browser Company is re-thinking what a web browser should look like.  Their new browser, simply called “Arc,” is still a Chromium-based browser, but […]

Tidio Chat vs Drift Chat


Live chat is now a commodity with dozens of options. I was asked which are the best options on the market, narrowing down to Tidio and Drift. Outside of those two options, the top chat plugins include: Olark  LiveChat Tawk.To Drift Zendesk Chat Intercom Tidio  Each of them offers integrations with WordPress and other popular […]

Lifestyle Creep – Fix Budgets Fast

Lifestyle creep happens. It happens rather quickly. I’ve started to experience the creep. I put the creep off for a long time, not buying a new car or moving when I got a raise or made more money through a business. But in late 2021, I made a lifestyle shift unconsciously, buying a new home […]

Tools & Software Needed to Run a Remote Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency on Zoom Call with Plant in Fore Ground

Are you building an agency or starting your agency out? I’ve put together a list of tools, software, and thoughts on effectively running a remote marketing agency. But what are my qualifications? I’ve worked in agencies and helped build them from zero in revenue to tens of thousands of recurring revenue each month—the most powerful […]

Responsive Search Ads Switch on Google Ads & Template for Writing Them

Google is sunsetting Expanded Text Ads on Google Search this summer. If you don’t run or manage Search Ads on Google, you won’t notice a difference when you Search. Now, if you manage Google Ads – you will notice a difference. Writing Ads hasn’t changed much since Google Ads (back then Google AdWords) launched in […]

Easily Collect Customer Testimonials and Embed Them on Your Site

Social proof is a crucial part of a business or sales landing page. Potential customers look for reviews from other customers who have used the service or product—looking for positive feedback and experiences. Not only do customers look for social proof, its been proven that customer testimonials increase conversion rates on landing pages. The old-school […]

What’s In My Bag (Gadgets & Apps), 2022 Edition

I love gadgets. I started out tech blogging – attending CES, SXSW, and other Tech launches. I was inspired by others who do “what’s in my bag” on YouTube to do one of my own. I am combining the gadgets with software, much like Matt Mullenweg. This list includes personal apps and gadgets. I may […]

What I am Doing with My Crypto in 2022

I started talking with a friend about what to do with Crypto in 2022. How can we use the assets to increase earning potential? How could we leverage the assets without having to sell? And how could we prevent theft or mistakes with the currency?   Below is the research I did into hardware wallets, […]

How & Why to Buy a Web3 Username with $ENS

Everyone on Twitter is changing their usernames to username.eth. So, after a while, I started to wonder if I should claim my name. web3 is all the buzz! So, I bought my web3 username via $ENS (Ethereum Name Service). The web3 username can host a website, store multiple wallet addresses, receive tokens, NFTS, or other […]

The Start to Selling a Side Project

Sale Sign on Window on Busy Street

Everyone talks about indie hacking with sites Product Hunt and Indiehackers becoming more popular. However, few bring up the dark side. After struggling to get it off the ground, there is a lack of motivation, time, and disinterest in the project. Kyle, Sunny, and I all work full-time jobs. They are developers, and I am […]