Various Lego Minis Collection

My Lego Collect as of Feb 2024

As a lifelong enthusiast of Lego, I’ve been excited to witness the evolution of its strategy, transitioning the perception of its products from “kids’ toys” to becoming more akin to complex puzzles. It makes the hobby of collecting Legos more fun since there are now TV Shows and broader acceptance.

I had a large collection of Legos as a child. My parents still have it, and I’ll need to catalog the sets at some point. That is a task for the future. On the bright side, growing up, my Mom encouraged me to keep each Lego box so it would be easy to identify which sets I owned, even if some were mixed up in a box.

Now, I have started to index what Lego sets I have and which minifigures I own. The sets in my office are all on display or in a box still, so it’s been easy to list the ones I have.

You can view my sets and my minifigure collection at Brickset:

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