Is Twitter Going to Fail? Here is my Take!

Twitter App with News Feed Blurred Out

Twitter is dying. Elon is trying to kill Twitter. I bet you’ve heard a million versions of this. Everyone is talking about Twitter on Twitter. Elon officially bought Twitter on October 28th, and since then, the company and the platform have created a ton of chaos. Elon laid off thousands of employees, launched a new […]

The Verge Redesign Is Bad but Is Growing on Me

The Verge Home Screen

The Verge launched a whole new web dI was beyond excited whenn. When I saw that tweet about the nexcited. I’ve listened to The Verge Cast since it started in 2011, and read their writing since the This is My Next Blog. And while they’ve changed a lot, I still like their coverage over other […]

New WordPress & Elementor-Based Bounce Castle Theme

Bounce House Elementor & WordPress Based Theme Template

When I lurk on Facebook Marketplace, one of the most common posts is someone advertising bounce castles, slides, and other party supplies. Often they’re posting it on the marketplace or groups with their phone number, a Gmail address, or pointing someone to Facebook Page. All the booking and inventory is managed through a person. Often, […]

Marketing Tips Gyms Should Consider

Small Gym Theme Image

In 2022, the gym, health, and fitness industry market is predicted to grow by 20%. You understand as a gym owner or personal trainer that a growing sector means a highly competitive environment for your company. Even if you have a fantastic program, it can be difficult to attract new members on a regular basis. […]