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Marketing Tips Gyms Should Consider

In 2022, the gym, health, and fitness industry market is predicted to grow by 20%.

You understand as a gym owner or personal trainer that a growing sector means a highly competitive environment for your company. Even if you have a fantastic program, it can be difficult to attract new members on a regular basis.

Fitness marketers can employ a variety of marketing methods to expand their businesses. In any case, it all starts here: in order to be competitive, you must play by the new rules of the game, which are those of digital marketing.

You might target and promote your gym to your desired demographic who spend most of their time using digital platforms. You may send offers and promotions to their phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and other platforms.

But before we go deeper, Let’s talk first about some of the marketing strategies that fit you;

Membership Marketing

A sales approach used to recruit new consumers or keep existing ones is membership marketing. Because memberships have a consistent conversion rate, they are an excellent marketing approach for increasing service sales. One-time buyers can become recurring consumers with memberships, which is an advantage over one-time sales.

It also includes a compilation of different tried and true tactics that give you free leads, customer retention, and potential customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When most individuals want to learn something or buy something new, they look to Google first. The technique of helping your website outperform the competition on Google (and other search engines) for target search terms like ‘gyms in East L.A.’ or ‘CrossFit gyms near me’ is known as SEO.

It’s a mix of technical (accelerating page load times, employing meta descriptions, and improving user experience are all technical) and creative (creatively repurposing existing material and producing great content that attracts coverage and links). It won’t make a difference overnight, but the time and work you put into optimizing your website for the proper search terms will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Digital marketing that’s integrated

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sizable gym marketing budget, you might want to consider integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is a combination of SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing. PureGym debuted in 2011 with an award-winning integrated campaign and hasn’t looked back since.

Marketing on Facebook

There are 1.28 billion active Facebook users. That includes users who log in on a daily basis, not simply those who have an account. Of course, Facebook provides a marketing tool that can assist you in reaching out to some of those folks. Advertisements, sponsored posts, videos, images, and other forms of Facebook marketing are all available.

Like most other platforms, Facebook marketing allows you to select a budget, target your audience, and track your performance. According to this WordStream analysis, the average cost-per-click on a Facebook ad in the gym and fitness club market is just $1.09, and Facebook has the highest conversion rate of any social media e-commerce platform, according to

Email marketing

Using email as a marketing platform may seem counterintuitive. Isn’t it true that only members are willing to share their email addresses? Not exactly. If you set aside some time to collect email addresses, you can gradually nurture them into leads.

Things have changed, and you won’t be around for long if you don’t have innovative marketing ideas for your gym.

That isn’t to say that coaching greatness isn’t necessary. It is. However, this alone is insufficient. You must develop ways to engage with people, inform them about your company, and persuade them to join.

This is where a well-designed website comes into play.

Websites (particularly mobile-friendly websites) are more vital than ever before, thanks to the rise of smartphones. More than half of small businesses, on the other hand, do not have a website. 

So, why does your gym business need a website?

  • Having a website establishes credibility. 97 percent of consumers, according to Brian Sutter of Wedge Advanced Software Product (Wasp), look for products and services online.
  • Encourage the generation of leads. A website is the most effective approach to converting leads. You may guide your website visitors through the decision-making process and into your gym using forms, landing pages, and calls to action.
  • Allow members to self-serve. Your members will enjoy self-service capabilities, such as the option to pay for their membership, modify their contact information, and replace their expired credit cards, thanks to a simple integration of your website and member management software. You’ll also be able to embed your class schedule into your website, allowing members to see the most up-to-date class information and book their spaces prior to arriving.
  • Targeted Advertising.  Websites can help you get your business in front of your target audience when used in conjunction with a comprehensive search engine marketing effort. You may interact with and convert highly interested prospective members by driving relevant organic and sponsored traffic to your site.
  • Social Media Isn’t Enough. Even if it’s tempting to believe that a Facebook page will suffice as your online presence, this is not the case. You don’t own the content you post on your social sites, and some sectors of your target audience don’t utilize social media. You’re stuck with no redress if a social network changes its policies, closes your account, or loses popularity and becomes obsolete. With a website, however, you own all of the content and have ultimate control over what you publish and how you use it.
  • Available at all times. Even if you are not online, websites are available 24 hours a day. Even if you’re not answering the phone, prospects can obtain the information they need to answer their questions and even sign up for their first class.
  • Share your successes. Websites allow you to share incredibly compelling testimonials and reviews. People want to see that you can provide results, and there’s no better place to post evaluations and testimonials than your website.

Your potential clients will find you and engage with you through a well-designed and user-friendly website. A website will give you a strong online presence, boost your credibility, and allows you to exhibit what your gym is all about.

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Working out six days a week but eating fast food for every meal is like running a business without a website. You certainly can. However, you’ll be working harder than necessary to achieve less-than-optimal outcomes. You’ll eventually become frustrated with your lost time and effort and realize that you need to go back and do things properly.

And if you find these articles helpful or you want to add some suggestions feel free to reach out to us on this page!

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