ClickCease Prevents Thousands of Dollars in Ad Fraud

Estimates place 20% of online clicks are from bots or click farms.

I’ve always been skeptical of online ad fraud claims. The companies behind the “research” are also slinging their software to everyone. Now, these companies are always the only ones willing to say some percent of ads are not being clicked or seen by real people. Google, Facebook, Bing, and other ad networks would not want to say that this is a problem, as advertisers would want the money back and reassurance ads won’t have any invalid clicks.

I took the leap and had the chance to give ClickCease a try. The service offers to monitor and blocking from bots, click farms, and even competitors. The software which is all online based, records users to have an algorithm check it against common bot traits such as using a VPN, no mouse movement or scroll, and time spent on site.

ClickCease saves thousands each month

Since I have started using ClickCease, I have seen over $4,000 saved! Yes, that much in less than 60 days. I wrote a case study over at Digiboost on more information if you’re interested in the details.

The pricing is pretty fair, and easy to justify if you are spending any amount of money on Google Ads. Imagine if you spend $1,000 a month, and you pay $50 to ClickCease and get back 20% of the monthly ad spend. You pay for ClickCease and get more money back! The math is easy!

I plan on drilling into the data more over the next few months, and sharing more detailed reporting on one Google Ad account. For the first 60 days, I wanted to highlight how much it has saved but also how much more fraud the software has prevented!

Tweet me @leonhitchens if you have questions or join to get the inside scoop!

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