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Typefully is a Pro Creator Tool for X & LinkedIn

Recently, I made it a goal to be more active on Twitter (yes, I still call it Twitter). One of the tools I am using to schedule content, track metrics, and generate ideas is Typefully.

In recent years, the tool has become more popular among Twitter power users and professional content creators. It was founded by the same team that built Mailbrew (@frakdilo & @linuz90), which meant it was an easy yes for me since the Mailbrew app was one of the best.

Typefully has a long list of features, but the important ones for me include collaborative writing and feedback, auto-DMs, auto-retweet and auto-plug, content scheduling, AI-powered writing tool, advanced analytics, multi-account management, cross-posting to platforms like LinkedIn, and Zapier integration for automated workflows​.

Screenshot of Typefully

The app has a native Mac app, and for iOS or Android, it has a responsive web app. I use it to produce the content I want to publish for the week and use Friday as a free day to post what I want. Then, I use the weekend to write new tweets and LinkedIn posts for the next week.

Being consistent has been one of the biggest growth factors for Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve grown from about 960 followers in December to 1,030 followers. The AI-powered writer is a big feature I use. Sometimes, I cannot think of new ideas or how to write a hook. The tool can help make the content puncher or generate ideas based on other content I have produced.

Typefully Streak Chart

If you are looking to produce content on Twitter or LinkedIn, even Mastodon, you should check Typefully as a tool to create content.

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