5 Podcasts I’m Listening to Now and Why

I listen to podcasts on the morning commute, when I am cutting the grass, or when I work out. Now, when I am trying to focus – I listen to music that has limited lyrics. The reasons I listen to podcasts all the other times is to learn and grow while I am doing tasks that don’t require a lot of mental stress.

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While I listen to dozens of podcasts, I have a few that a jump on when a new episode is published. They include:

Brand Brothers Podcast

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The Brand Brothers podcast is a local podcast to San Antonio, Texas. It’s hosted by Billy Schley and Lorenzo Gomez – best selling authors masters of branding. I’ve had the chance to work with Lorenzo and the stories he tells IRL are the same stories he is now sharing on the podcast.

The duo have decades of experience and they’re sharing their knowledge through the medium of a podcast.

Obey Your Strengths

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Obey Your Strengths is another local podcast to San Antonio, Texas. The podcast is hosted by Kathy Kersten, who’s a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Kathy has over 15 years of experience with businesses and leaders all over Texas. I have only started listening to the podcast, but I am binge through the first season.  She is interviewing heavy hitters like Graham Weston who owns a real estate empire and Pat Condon who is a major investor with startups in Texas.

The Daily

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The Daily is the New York Times podcasts. The daily is a daily podcast with news stories from the day before. This is how I stay informed with what’s happening in our nation and aboard. The best part of this podcast is the length – I can listen to the whole podcast during my commute to work.

The Kevin Rose Show

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The Kevin Rose Show is one of my favorites to listen to. Kevin Rose is one of the founders of Digg and has now gone on to invest in dozens of startups with Google Ventures. Kevin share’s life hacks and his journey while he explores and experiments. He is always talking to unique characters that are not always related to tech but keep me interested.

Sunny Commutes

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Sunny Commutes is a developer and business focused podcast hosted by my friend Sunny Singh. I’ve always encouraged him to do a podcast and for 2019 he’s started releasing more episodes.  I am a big fan of what he’s doing now, with episodes ranging from how to build a brand to much more technical topics.

Now, I am not endorsing Sunny Commutes because Sunny is a Friend. I am endorsing the podcast because I genuinely enjoy listening to everything Sunny has to share.

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