Newsletter #4: Tools I use for SEO and PPC client work

I work with clients on social media marketing, search engine optimization, and paid ads on Google Ads. To manage everything I am using some tools to help not only keep me organized but also help report and manage the projects


To manage and organize work I use Trello to keep myself on track. I break down each task into cards, allowing anyone to glance at what I am working on quickly.

I do pay for the Trello Gold package to have some extra features, but I don’t use the business plan just yet. I have played with the idea of switching platforms to Asana or Notion, but I am deeply invested in Trello’s platform.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is an SEO and PPC research and reporting software. SEM Rush is the leading tool in the SEO industry. It allows me to crawl the website and discover the technical SEO problems. I am also able to position track, research competitors, and analyze backlinks.

The tool also offers paid traffic tools, social media analytics, along with content and PR  tools. SEM Rush is a pricey tool each month, ranging from $99 to $300.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is analytics for Google Search. It pulls in information on what users search, showing click-through rate, and other metrics related to the search interface.

This tool integrates into other systems to pull in what search terms you are ranking for and much more. It’s the most accurate way to collect data from Google. You can also use the Bing Search Console, but for most users, Google is the go-to search engine.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the defacto way to collect information on what users are doing on a website or an app. It gathers information on time spent on time, amount of pages view and can be used to track conversions, demographics, and much more.

I use it on every single website to track what users do, create remarketing lists, and much much more.

Google Data Studio

To give client reports with data from Google Ads, Google Search, Facebook, and other data sources. The studio is a lot like powerpoint for reporting. Its easy to use and most importantly it is free! You can connect hundreds of data sources that are not related to Google and arrange the reports any way you want.

This tool is a new addition to my toolbox. I was using Raven Tools before to send client reports but switch to have more flexibility is where I placed content.

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I want to give a quick update. I have missed two weeks, but I am writing the email over the weekend and then scheduling to send Monday’s around lunchtime.

I want to start pushing this to a weekly email over the year and will hold myself to this as I keep moving through the year.

Thanks for reading!

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