Updating my personal brand & logo

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my personal brand online. I have more recently started focusing on my personal site, Twitter, and profiles online. I sunsetted my tech blog – Digital Bounds. Now, I am writing on this blog more often than I was in the past. I dropped off last month but started thinking about what I needed to do to make the site and profiles align with what I am heading towards now.

Based on what my best friend, Sunny Singh, was doing for his personal brand. I started thinking about my brand needing a logo or its own style. Now, I am not a designer or have that many design skills. I didn’t want to work with a designer who would not match my style or would cost a lot more than I wanted to spend for some simple designs on my personal brand. Instead, I turned to Canva which allowed me to quickly create a simple logo, Twitter banner, Facebook banner, and other website header assets.

Canva Editing Area

Let’s not joke, the header isn’t anything special nor is it a work of art. It is, however, something I designed based on what I know I like and enjoy seeing on my brand. I am working on more assets to use on my site, with my base design, and with more Canva support.

Canva doesn’t just mean you have to use a template and go with what is there. I used some creativity and was able to create what I shared above. It’s a great tool whether your a YouTuber, Blogger, or someone who wants to step up their social media game.

A little more information about what colors and fonts for who’s interested:

Main Colors:

  1. #737373
  2. #e7e9ec
  3. #68bbe3

Accent Colors:

  1. #ffffc7
  2. #00b7ff
  3. #6fd6ff
  4. #bff0cf


  1. Norwester

I share the colors and fonts because this both serves as a brand guide for me but also allows others to take the parts they link and repurpose on their creatives.

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