3 Mechanical Keyboards on Table

Mechanical Keyboards Setup 2023

A friend, Kyle McDonald, suggested a mechanical keyboard as a purchase. After succumbing to peer pressure and doing some research, I purchased a pre-built mechanical keyboard (Keychron). Since then, I have dived deeper into the world of mechanical keyboards, discovering different types of switches, custom boards, and other companies.

My favorite part is the building the keyboard. Each switch has a different feeling, offers the ability to make a keyboard that fits your typing style and requirements. I tend to prefer switches with a heavier actuation force, as they provide a more tactile and satisfying typing experience.

I’ve dove deep into the mechinical keyboard world. There is a massive community on YouTube and Twitch. My favorite YouTuber is Alexotos. All of the large providers have a discord so if you’re interesting. There is Kinetics Lab, KBD Fans, ​​Keebs for All, and many more out there.

Current Keyboard Setup:

Mode Envoy

Keyboard: Mode Envoy
Keycaps: GMK CYL Polybius 
Switches: Rama Duck Switches
Stabilizers: GMK Stabilizers
Lattice Block Mounts 

Parallel Sequence 

keyboard: Parallel Sequence
Keycaps: Cherry Industrial
Switches: Cherry MX Black Clear Tops
Stabilizers: GMK Stabilizers
Gasket O-Ring (Gummy Worm) Mounted  

Keychron Q1 QMK

keyboard: keychron Q1 QMK
Keycaps: Deskr Canyon
Switches: Gateron Ink Yellow V2 
Stabilizers: GMK Stabilizers
Gasket Mounted 

Links for the Keyboards

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