Brisket Chopped on a Wooden Cutting Board

Niche Website Progress Update

In June 2022, I started a new niche website. The website, Brisket Pro, is focused on smoking brisket, recipes, and common mistakes. The idea of the site came around when I bought a Traeger. I’ve hired a designer who created the overall brand. Then I hired a writer to write the content.

So far, here are the expenses:

  1. $738 for Writing Since June
    • 24,556 Words Written
  2. $13 for the Domain
  3. $150 for the Design
    • Contract Designer, I use him for all projects
  4. $90 for Hosting
    • Using Cloudways on a shared VPN with other sites
  5. $50 for plugins
    • Shared plugins, divided the price for this one website

The article growth is slow, but the important metric I have seen is the average time spend on site. The users discovering the content are reading and repeatably referencing the content. Overall positive to see in November that the average time was over 4 minutes.

Google Organic is slowly growing, with the average position sitting high. Over the past couple of weeks, though, it has been trending down. The click-through rate is relatively low, which at some point will need to be addressed with better headlines and SEO metas.

The search terms ranking so far are making it to the first page, but many of the keywords are slowly moving up. Here are a couple keywords on page one:

I’ll keep providing updates on the niche sites. You can follow me on Twitter too here; I tweet monthly updates.

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