Leon Hitchens

I am a digital creator, business owner and internet marketer based in Texas.

I use the internet to create and share my work with the people, to sell my products and services, and to market my businesses. I am passionate about using the internet to build connections and make an impact.

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Leon Hitchens

2019 Lookback and Review

2019 was a big year. It is an end of a decade, even if you disagree its ending the 2010’s and starting the 2020’s. A few people have pointed out that the new decade doesn't begin till the END of 2020. Really? Is that how you want to start the new decade? With controversy? #Roaring20s […]

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Leon Hitchens

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

I work with Facebook Ads daily, managing ads for SaaS businesses at Digiboost. Facebook Ad campaigns that are well-crafted can drive high-quality traffic and leads at lower costs than other platforms. I’ve seen Facebook drive leads to small businesses, e-commerce sites, and even b2b businesses. When accounts don’t have a lot of success with Facebook […]

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Leon Hitchens

5 Things you didn’t know about online advertising

Online advertising is a growing business – it’s estimated to be a $15 billion industry. That’s larger than the TV advertising industry by leaps and bounds! I’m the lead digital strategist at Digiboost, which works with small businesses and SaaS startups in San Antonio. I’ve learned a lot about digital advertising in a short period. […]

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