Leon Hitchens

I am a digital creator, business owner and internet marketer based in Texas.

I use the internet to create and share my work with the people, to sell my products and services, and to market my businesses. I am passionate about using the internet to build connections and make an impact.

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Leon Hitchens

2020 Look Back & Review

I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted what would happen over 2020. I wrote in the 2019 recap that “I didn’t want to set any lofty goals.” Best choice ever! Instead of doing the standard recap, goal setting, and resolution for 2021, I am adopting Yearly Themes. I first discovered Yearly Themes from the Cortex podcast. […]

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Leon Hitchens

[No Code] How to Build a Course with WordPress

I am working with a client to launch a Google Ads course via WordPress. I am tasked with not only marketing the course but also building the course. I decided to develop the course website myself, doing it all with No-Code. All in Total, building a fully functioning WordPress-based course, costs around $700 for all […]

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