Klokki is the best Mac time tracking app I have used yet!

If your a freelancer or someone who tracks time on your computer, you’ve used dozens of different time trackers. I’ve used apps from Rescue Time to Timing on the Mac. Every app has left me wanting more or created more work then I’ve wanted. The apps I tried always added an extra step in my workflow from turning on the timers to remembering to turn off the timers. While this isn’t hard to do, it is something that I will fairly often forget to do.

Then one day on Twitter, I saw a Tweet from @mattening about a new time tracking app that he’s been using for a few months. It was Klokki!

After @Matteing made the recommendation, I jumped on downloading the app and using the free trial. The biggest draw to Klokki for me was the hassle-free tracking with automated rules. Other time trackers track based on the app or a website’s address; they don’t offer the flexibility of tracking based on the Sketch file, window title, or work based on which folder. These are all ways Klokki can track by thanks to a set of rules. Think of it as an if-then statement – If Sketch is the active application, and I have the file “IronMic Social Header” open, then start a timer called “IM Design.”

This allows me to keep control over what time is being tracked without the need to start and stop timers. I can closely monitor what I am working on for freelance clients, side projects, or tasks related to my 9-to-5 day job. I currently break down tasks based on project. IronMic has a folder with blogging, design, marketing, and outreach. Each task uses a series of different rules to fire based on if the email window has IronMic in the title or if the blog url matches the admin area.

Thes best explanation of how the app work is from the trailer video Klokki has on the homepage:

The rule-based tracking within Klokki is a significant bonus, but the powerful reports are even better! I can understand where my time was spent over the past week, month, or year. You’re able to filter based on folders, tasks, and add notes to help give you context on each task. The app is going to add billable hours for designers, writers, and other creative freelancers to track between non-billing and billing work – making the app a powerful way to track time for clients.

Klokki is privacy-minded. The app will never store data on their servers, give access to third-parties, or exploit your data. Everything is stored on your computer, and yes, the app offers backups to iCloud Drive and other methods.

The best part of the app is they offer a one-time purchase, instead of a high monthly fee. Klokki is only $39 one-time, which gets you 1-year of updates but you can use the app forever. There is a teaser for a monthly subscription, but I am not sure what you would get over paying one-time.

Hands down, Klokki is the best time tracking app on the Mac to date. I can understand my daily habits, so I can focus and be more productive. If you have tried Klokki or another time tracking app, let me know what you think are the best ones.Tweet me @leonhitchens.

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