Best Calendar Scheduling App: Savvy Cal

Screenshot of Savvy Cal Website on Blue Background

Keeping an organized calendar is increasingly challenging. However, if you manage to keep a clean calendar, scheduling new meetings is even harder.  If you schedule those meetings yourself, you are likely playing calendar tag or struggling to find a time that works for you and the others attending the meeting. COVID changed the landscape around […]

Async Work is Freedom

I often read about freedom from a 9-to-5 job. While most of these folks tell you to pursue a startup, have a side hustle, or start freelancing. They don’t realize you don’t have to leave your 9-to-5; you have to leave the traditional 9-to-5 requirements. As companies are going fully remote, the one I am […]

Which is better for audio – Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse?

I recently got an invite for Clubhouse, and I discovered how to access Twitter Spaces. Both have apps have the same concept. Each offers open rooms for anyone to talk about current events or around any topic that you could imagine. Clubhouse is currently iOS only, plus it requires an invite. Twitter Space is still […]

Take More Professional Screenshots in Seconds with Screely

I’m always sharing screenshots! They’re often quick screenshots of a graph on Google Analytics or something on a web page that I want to share with a friend or client. They’re not pretty or appealing. Now, not all screenshots have to be special. Sometimes though, I want to make something I share pop. I’ve tried […]

I joined the Notion App Bandwagon

I finally caved and joined the Notion bandwagon. I first found out about Notion via ProductHunt in late 2018.  Then I started playing with the app in early 2019. At the time, I used Bear for note-taking on my Mac. I also heavily used Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides. All the docs were organized in […]

I archived my WordPress Blog by Making it Static

Since early 2013, I ran a technology blog called Digital Bounds. In January of 2019, I decided it was time to sunset the project. I worked on the site for over seven years. I published thousands of articles, wrote dozens of reviews, and had the chance to travel to CES, SXSW, and other technology conferences. […]

Work from Home Transition

My Office Set Up in My Bedroom with my Dog on the Bed

Working from home can be a difficult transition for some employees and businesses. Many have never had the opportunity to work from home, whether its because their employer didn’t have a policy on it or they didn’t feel productive and focused at home. Now, with the COVID-19 crisis, work from home is the default. I’ve […]

I stopped using Google Chrome

Recently, I have noticed Chrome has become more bloated, slower, and a big battery hog. The battery life of my 13-inch Macbook drains quickly when I have Chrome open. Beyond the poor performance, Chrome is also continually trying to be more than a web browser. Google has based Chrome OS on Chrome, brings many of […]

Summer 2019 Update: Newsletter, Podcast, Blog & Side Project

At the beginning of the year, I restarted this personal blog, on a self-hosted version of Ghost. Along with the site being brought back after multiple attempts at blogging, I wrote a reasonably lengthy 2018 year in review post. Now, nine months into the year, I have started to reflect where I am and what […]

Klokki is the best Mac time tracking app I have used yet!

If your a freelancer or someone who tracks time on your computer, you’ve used dozens of different time trackers. I’ve used apps from Rescue Time to Timing on the Mac. Every app has left me wanting more or created more work then I’ve wanted. The apps I tried always added an extra step in my […]