Best Calendar Scheduling App: Savvy Cal

Screenshot of Savvy Cal Website on Blue Background

Keeping an organized calendar is increasingly challenging. However, if you manage to keep a clean calendar, scheduling new meetings is even harder.  If you schedule those meetings yourself, you are likely playing calendar tag or struggling to find a time that works for you and the others attending the meeting. COVID changed the landscape around […]

Async Work is Freedom

I often read about freedom from a 9-to-5 job. While most of these folks tell you to pursue a startup, have a side hustle, or

I joined the Notion App Bandwagon

I finally caved and joined the Notion bandwagon. I first found out about Notion via ProductHunt in late 2018.  Then I started playing with the

Work from Home Transition

My Office Set Up in My Bedroom with my Dog on the Bed

Working from home can be a difficult transition for some employees and businesses. Many have never had the opportunity to work from home, whether its

I stopped using Google Chrome

Recently, I have noticed Chrome has become more bloated, slower, and a big battery hog. The battery life of my 13-inch Macbook drains quickly when I have Chrome open. Beyond the poor performance, Chrome is also continually trying to be more than a web browser. Google has based Chrome OS on Chrome, brings many of […]

Summer 2019 Update: Newsletter, Podcast, Blog & Side Project

At the beginning of the year, I restarted this personal blog, on a self-hosted version of Ghost. Along with the site being brought back after multiple attempts at blogging, I wrote a reasonably lengthy 2018 year in review post. Now, nine months into the year, I have started to reflect where I am and what […]