Read More: Makerlog Featured My Friendship with Kyle & Sunny​

Imagine being online friends when your 15 years old in the early years of the internet. Well, that’s what happen with Sunny, Kyle and myself. I wrote briefly on how we met and how our friendship progressed but Basile Samel dove deep into our friendship, business relationship, and personal back stories.

Read the full article to learn more about our back stories, our history, and how we’ve grown into best friends & business partners.

Making a Maker: The Golden Friendship, ft Sunny Singh, Leon Hitchens, and Kyle McDonald
Are you really friends with someone if you’ve never imagined building a business together? Finding a co-founder is hard. You have to share the same vision and display an uncommon synergy. A friend is an obvious choice, but reality often gets in the way…
Makerblog Article on Our Friendship

Thank you to Basile for interviewing us, writing an amazing article and putting together this feature.

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