Niche Website Progress Update

Brisket Chopped on a Wooden Cutting Board

In June 2022, I started a new niche website. The website, Brisket Pro, is focused on smoking brisket, recipes, and common mistakes. The idea of the site came around when I bought a Traeger. I’ve hired a designer who created the overall brand. Then I hired a writer to write the content. So far, here […]

Marketing Tips Gyms Should Consider

Small Gym Theme Image

In 2022, the gym, health, and fitness industry market is predicted to grow by 20%. You understand as a gym owner or personal trainer that a growing sector means a highly competitive environment for your company. Even if you have a fantastic program, it can be difficult to attract new members on a regular basis. […]

Responsive Search Ads Switch on Google Ads & Template for Writing Them

Google is sunsetting Expanded Text Ads on Google Search this summer. If you don’t run or manage Search Ads on Google, you won’t notice a difference when you Search. Now, if you manage Google Ads – you will notice a difference. Writing Ads hasn’t changed much since Google Ads (back then Google AdWords) launched in […]

Easily Collect Customer Testimonials and Embed Them on Your Site

Social proof is a crucial part of a business or sales landing page. Potential customers look for reviews from other customers who have used the service or product—looking for positive feedback and experiences. Not only do customers look for social proof, its been proven that customer testimonials increase conversion rates on landing pages. The old-school […]

Which is better for audio – Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse?

I recently got an invite for Clubhouse, and I discovered how to access Twitter Spaces. Both have apps have the same concept. Each offers open rooms for anyone to talk about current events or around any topic that you could imagine. Clubhouse is currently iOS only, plus it requires an invite. Twitter Space is still […]

Switching from Google Analytics to Privacy-Focused Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics Screenshot with Old Dashboard

The most consequential conversation online these days is around privacy. How do users consent to be tracked? What information should companies and brands collect on users? As a marketer, I have used Google Analytics and other fairly invasive tracking tools. I see daily the amount of data collected from the user by Google. The data […]

Updating my personal brand & logo

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my personal brand online. I have more recently started focusing on my personal site, Twitter, and profiles online. I sunsetted my tech blog – Digital Bounds. Now, I am writing on this blog more often than I was in the past. I dropped off last month but started […]

How to write an SEO friendly blog post

If you’re using content to gain traffic, you’re thinking about search engine optimization. In the previous blog post, I highlighted how important SEO is for growing a blog. I only briefly mentioned how optimizing for search helped me grow Digital Bounds over the years. I started planning how I could expand on the topic of […]

7 Tips for building a successful blog

Before I started my career in digital marketing as a digital strategist, I began my career online blogging. I grew up when blogs like Gizmodo, Engadget, and Android Authority, were coming to age. I experienced the tail end of the “golden age of blogging.” I started a technology blog online, which garnered thousands of monthly […]

Google Ads charges for clicks in India even if you only target the United States

Map of World with Thummbtacks

I manage Google Ads and other paid platforms for companies through Digiboost. I work with platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, DoubleClick, Buy Sell Ads, and direct buys for startups and small businesses. I’ve managed thousands of dollars to a few hundred dollars for companies. I’ve set up small campaigns for IronMic. I’ve helped set […]